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Realtor, Investor

I keep it simple to get you home!

About Maurisia Jeffers PLLC

Maurisia believes in 'opportunity'.  The 3 "Ds" to success are the core of her life goals & successes. Discipline, Dedication and Determination combined,  sets the foundation for her desire to guide her clients to not only becoming successful homeowners, but to also have the key to passive investment income.

Foremost to being a Realtor, Maurisia is a legal scholar with a speciality in Intercultural Human Rights & Immigration, she brings value to her clients at every level and as such practices the "Golden Rule Approach ''. This is to ensure that she serves all with due diligence and empowers them to pursue their American Dream! Maurisia serves as the VP of the United Nations Chapter of Broward County, where she advocates for rights, equality and betterment of the environment and life for her community on a local and international level. 

Boating, dancing and exploring the world are just a few pleasures she enjoys with her family & friends. She believes that balancing life is key to mental stability by savoring every moment life provides and creating beautiful memories.

Let Maurisia guide you in all aspects of real estate by bringing your dreams home!

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